Grace Presbyterian Church

Leadership & Staff


Our elders form a representative leadership nominated and elected by the congregation and trained and examined in his Christian experience (especially his personal character and family management); his knowledge of Bible content; his knowledge of the system of doctrine, government, discipline contained in the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in America; the duties of the office to which he has been nominated; and his willingness to give assent to the questions required for ordination.


Justin Kendrick

is our pastor (which is also called Teaching Elder). He grew up in LA. Not that one. No, not that one either. Rather . . . . lower Alabama. Justin and his wife, Susan have been in Spartanburg for 11 years. They have three kids ranging from high school to college: Jack, Will, and Emma. When he’s not preparing a sermon, counseling church members, studying, or any of the many demanding pastoral privileges and duties, you might find him hiking, fishing, kayaking, or watching sports. He would really like to improve on being a fisherman . . . both the evangelism kind and on the stream. He is really good at criticizing Auburn's play calling and at keeping calm and carrying on - and occasionally . . . helping others to do that as well. He loves welcoming atmosphere at Grace, their commitment to living out the Christian life in the ordinary places and relationships of everyday life, and their love for one another and worship that points us to Jesus.


Jim O’Donnell

is what we call a Ruling Elder at Grace. He hails from Rhode Island. The population diminished to half when he left. Since 1989 he has called Spartanburg home where he resides with his wife Tisha and his three kids Ian, Mia, and Aidan. If he were choosing, the Millennium Falcon would be his commuter vehicle. He’s really good at sharpening things. His favorite thing about Grace Presbyterian is the heart of the people.


John Wright

is a Ruling Elder from Southhaven, Mississippi. He has been in Spartanburg for 9 years and is a project engineer. Married to Karen, they have three boys from 23 down to 8 years old. Disc golf is a favorite past time with his family. He enjoys serving others and loves the people and community at Grace saying, ”They are great at showing love to one another . . I love the preaching of the Gospel that we get from the pulpit each Sunday.”


Thomas White

is originally from Blacksburg, SC. Thomas is also a Ruling Elder at Grace. He is husband to Cassie, and father to grown children Daniel, Amy, and David. When he’s not public school administrating he is enjoying the outdoors . . . hunting, fishing, and golf . . . which might be why he would choose a Ford F-250 (not a measly F-150) to get from points A to B. If you ask him what he might change about himself if he could, his response might be something like this: “Age. Weight. Everything else looks great.” He loves the potential for impacting the kingdom that exists at Grace and uses his gifts to get out of people more than they think capable of themselves.


Ken Huff

From Atlanta, Ken now serves as a deacon at Grace. He has been married to “Denise [his] beautiful wife of 30 fantabulous years” and has four children: Jules 25, Meg 21, Erica 20, and Lana 17. He loves to build relationships with others and the Georgia Bulldogs. He confesses that, “I am naturally bent toward myself. I wish I didn’t have to fight myself to focus on others and serve them better.” He enjoys pointing others to see the truth from God’s Word and applying it to life’s situations. Ken also enjoys the relevant preaching centered on Christ from God’s Word that is presented at Grace.


Ethan Greer

Ethan came to Spartanburg from Greensboro, NC. He is an engineer who loves hiking, traveling, music, and geeking out over cars with fast taste . . . a 60’ model Ferrari or an older model 911 would be nice. Ethan loves the fact that Grace Presbyterian loves the city of Spartanburg and how welcoming the church is. As a deacon, he desires to genuinely care for others.


Coleman Woody

is our fearless Youth Leader. His origin is Spartanburg through and through. Married to Rebecca, they eagerly await their firstborn. He likes board games, reading, and video games. As for dream vehicle? “Jeep Rubicon, fun of a convertible, function of a truck.” Coleman is also really crafty, having made costumes, bound books, painted mini-figures, and made a bunch of random stuff. He loves the community of Grace Presbyterian and their focus on neighboring well.


Matt Patrick

is our College Minister with Reformed University Fellowship at Wofford College. Matt was rocketed from Huntsville, Alabama to Spartanburg in 2017. There, he and his wife, Ivy, enjoy the RUF ministry at Wofford. He definitely has opinions about vehicles choosing the Subaru Outback for it’s “beauty and practicality” and even defines their best stylistic years as the 90’s. Reading, movies, music, and NBA basketball are spare time interests. He’s a good listener and loves celebrating others . . . but especially LeBron James. He loves the weekly communion that Grace Presbyterian offers: “I love being refreshed at the Lord's table with the people of Grace.”


Rachel Willcox

is our fearless administrative assistant who spends most her time keeping Justin in line. From Denver, Colorado, Rachel has now called Spartanburg home for 4 years. She is married to Michael and they have three children ranging from high school to middle school. She loves music, reading, spending time with her family, and loves hospitality. Because they last forever, her car of choice would be a Mercedes. The thing she likes most about Grace Presbyterian is the preaching.


Keith Groover

is our music director and resident inventor. He leads a rotating group of very talented musicians each Sunday in directing the musical aspect of our worship. He teaches guitar at North Greenville University and is half of the instrumental cello/guitar duo WireWood. Keith loves the community focus of Grace Presbyterian, and is always striving for our worship time to help us connect with God and ALSO with one another. He and his wife Annie have lived in Spartanburg for five years and have four daughters ranging in age from 9 to 17.